• Hungry Shark Evolution game for all game geeks

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    The film Jaws caught the excitement of many cine goers. The jaws have grown bigger and stronger. The popularity of hungry shark evolution has stormed the seas of gaming and it is raining competition for game geeks. It is a choice for many fans that are addicted to it and add to the new levels of the game. Experienced players like to offer tips; cheats and some need the Hungry Shark Evolution hack. Now there are free videos to get coins and gems to take this graphic rich game further.

    Heading to the stormy seas?

    There is nothing like being in the attack mode as the timer starts. It is a head start anyone likes in the game. Players who have already experienced the game will get coins and some gems before they head for the sea. The game’s highlight is always that giant enemy which needs to be tackled. Those familiar can easily search the screen to get the dungeon or liar for the huge face off. This probably will be the highlight of any new comer’s game in the initial stages. But there is still time for cheats and Hungry Shark Evolution hack.

    Understanding some terms

    Crowd surfer Mission-The player will need it for Megalodon. Can be possible when atleat a 100 people by the shore/beach have been consumed. They can be taken in a single sweep. Then the player will wait for some more to come on the island and gobble up some more.

    Megalodon– a player unlocks the Hammerhead shark to get it. A player who has a level 10 can get it. It is a set of fossilized teeth. The can deal with the giant crabs. If the crab is big then the weaponry will also increase to fight it. Get it with some coins instead of the hungry shark evolution cheats or other cheat methods.

    Baby sharks-Unlock the shark and then chose the baby sharks for it. The player needs to get it with coins. They can easily swim near the main shark. They eat things on the way. There is a choice of Reef shark, Mako, Hammerhead, Tiger, great white and megalodon.

    Daily rewards are beneficial

    Those who play, do so every day. As the game continues further, rewards are great. Use the Reef shark to get coins for the treasure. The gold rush offer is equally good. Every shark has an advantage as the player controls it. Add accessories and the shark remains alive for a longer time. Check the game map to get the best offers. A player can get Bob, Angler and Gulper. There are many points available with these accessories. Getting more friends invited is also a good idea. The game is best enjoyed with a coupe of friends in tow.

    As geeks discover new highs to enjoy the game, it improves further. It is a sure test for survival in the high seas. Get all the action on IOS or android device and get into an aquatic world.